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You’ve been building something incredible

A life you love. A business that’s booming. 

But lately, your success has left you unbalanced, overwhelmed, and overworked. The things that used to work don’t work anymore, and you’re reaching a breaking point – personally and professionally.


Things don’t have to fall apart

You can be present and productive, lead from overflow instead of overwhelm, feel energized instead of burnt out.

You can have a business and a life instead of a business that is your life! Let us help.

Hi, I’m David Limiero

Ten years after launching and growing a new church, I had reached a breaking point. I was overwhelmed, burnt out, and stuck. It was out of that season of overwhelm that I started on my own journey towards a life of balance and overflow. 


I’ve now spent over 30 years gaining extensive experience in coaching and consulting leaders through personal and professional challenges, helping them create sustainable systems that will grow along with them. You deserve to have a business and a life – and I can’t wait to help you have both. 

Full Focus Certified Pro
Salesforce Certified Professional
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Edens View Can Help By Offering:


Personalized Coaching & Consulting

Your life and business are unique to you – so one-size-fits-all isn’t an option! Edens View individualizes your experience to meet your unique needs.


Insightful & Incisive Analysis

You need an external partner to help you see what’s going on clearly. With years of experience, Edens View can be the fresh set of eyes you need.


Real-World Strategies & Frameworks

After analyzing your unique needs, Edens View has access to proven tools and strategies that will turn your overwhelm to overflow!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Luke P.

When I joined Full Focus to work with our coaching team, little did I know some of the great folks I’d meet along the way. I have had the privilege of assisting some of the brightest minds and kindest people, one of whom is David.

David coaches a large number of our clients through the Full Focus system to help them win at work and succeed in life. David does it well. Extremely well.

He has built countless relationships and provided value to so many business owners who walk through our doors. However, his relational prowess is just the tip of the iceberg. Through years of training, mastering the art of asking questions and his innate ability to TEACH, David has transformed people’s businesses and their lives.

Renee T.

I’ve worked with other business coaches before but never have I experienced a coach like David. Every single time we meet, I walk away with a mindset (mindblowing) shift and a practical strategy. I’m becoming a better business leader because of David’s support, knowledge, and guidance.

Matt M.

David and I worked together for Stadia Church Planting for seven years, spending five of those years in a direct relationship.

David excels at identifying solutions, implementing change, and innovating improved ways to operate as an organization. His knowledge of Salesforce and other enterprise solutions has fully shaped the way our organization functions and grows. However, his ability to analyze an opportunity or a problem and develop solutions then see them through to completion in the technological space and beyond is what brings value to any organization he is a part of.

David is a great combination of agility and patience, and his attitude and workplace demeanor are always positive, espousing a “let’s do this” attitude as opposed to a “we can’t do that” posture.